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Ergonomic Innovations

Evaluation and Consultation

We can come to you for an on-site evaluation or you can choose to have a virtual on-line evaluation.  This will help identify risk areas that could lead to discomfort and injury.  We help you by making recommendations that are based on tested ergonomic principles to improve your comfort, reduce or eliminate ergonomic risk factors and even improve productivity.

Work Space and Cost Solution

Our goal is to help your find solutions that fit your needs and budget.  We aim to balance comfort, function and aesthetics.  With our extensive experience in ergonomic products, we can help you make the correct decisions to meet you needs without wasting your time and money.

Ergonomic Training

Stay up to date with all of the best work space practices to make sure you are staying healthy for the long run!  We have custom classes specific to your work-site or basic "Ergonomics 101" classes that are perfect for safety meetings or lunch and learns.

Home Office Consultation

With the changing dynamics of the work force work from home policies we will find the best home solutions for your office. 

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